Changeworks welcomes Humza Yousaf’s commitment to the climate emergency 

Changeworks welcomes Scotland’s new First Minister Humza Yousaf’s commitment to tackle the climate emergency and to eradicate fuel poverty. However, as the IPCC’s most recent report outlined, more needs to be done urgently.

Changeworks therefore calls on the First Minister to stand by his commitment and take action now to meet net zero targets. The climate emergency is escalating at alarming speed, and not enough is being done to stop temperatures from exceeding safer limits.

Changeworks’ Chief Executive Josiah Lockhart says: “It is encouraging to see the First Minister’s stated support of investment in renewable energy and to build energy security.

“We agree the transition to renewable and low carbon energy is an important opportunity to create more jobs and Changeworks is aiming to double in size over the next few years in response.

“However, Scotland is not progressing fast enough. There is a need for improved government policies to accelerate further action which is critical to meeting Scotland’s climate targets. We can’t afford further delay.”

In Scotland, the technologies necessary to decarbonise homes through improved energy efficiency measures and the electrification of heat are already available.

Changeworks is focussed on maximising its impact by developing innovative solutions to decarbonise Scotland’s homes, but more support is needed from the Scottish Government to be able to decarbonise at the scale and speed required.

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