Changeworks announces sale of Changeworks Recycling 

Changeworks has announced the sale of its remaining 50% share of Changeworks Recycling to Forbes Connor, making Changeworks one of the first social enterprises in Scotland to lead the exit of a joint venture and make a profit.

Changeworks’ strategy for 2022-25 has a focus on accelerating the decarbonisation of Scotland’s homes to tackle the climate emergency. The sale of Changeworks Recycling underlines this new strategic direction.

Forbes has extensive experience in the recycling industry, including five years at Changeworks Recycling. Changeworks Recycling was founded in 2001 as a trading subsidiary of Changeworks.

The aim was to increase business recycling at a time when there was no legal requirement for businesses to recycle their waste. This pioneering business venture not only met a market need; it also aligned with Changeworks’ mission of delivering high-impact solutions to make low-carbon life a reality.

Since 2001, Changeworks’ joint venture Changeworks Recycling has become a highly successful recycling and waste management company. Its unique approach to source separated recycling has enabled over 2,500 businesses across Central Scotland to reduce waste, carbon and costs and achieve high quality recycling.

Changeworks is channelling its expertise and services to lower carbon emissions from Scotland’s homes in order to maximise its impact in tackling the climate emergency.

Forbes Connor, Managing Director of Changeworks Recycling says, “It’s an exciting time for Changeworks Recycling. We thank Changeworks for their support as Changeworks Recycling went from strength to strength. Our focus is firmly on growing our customer base across the UK as Changeworks Recycling go nationwide.

“Changeworks are experts in their field and we wish them all the best for the future”.

Del Redvers, Chair of Changeworks’ Board, says “We recognised the need to provide a service to support businesses to recycle at a time when there was no legislation in place to incentivise action in the sector.

“We are proud that this ambitious joint venture has accomplished our goal to support organisations to be more sustainable through recycling, and has developed into a robust and secure business in its own right. We are now geared towards our next goal: to decarbonise Scotland’s homes.

“Scotland has some of the least energy-efficient homes in Europe, with energy consumed from heating contributing to 13% of overall CO2 emissions. With the ongoing energy crisis, ensuring homes become more energy efficient is more important than ever”.

Changeworks Recycling changed its name to Change Waste Recycling in May 2023.

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