Today children from nurseries and primary schools across Edinburgh dug deep into their compost bins and cleaned out their wormeries to enter the coveted Changeworks What Rot!' composting competition. St Leonard's Nursery School won "Best Compost', Summerside Kindergarten came out as winner for "Best Worm Compost', whilst Hope Cottage Nursery won "Best What Rots and What Nots' display.

Emily Dodd, Changeworks Education Officer said, "It's fantastic that so many schools and nurseries are encouraging their pupils to learn about waste reduction and the environment through composting. Composting provides a great educational context because it teaches children how to reduce waste by putting most kitchen and garden waste in a compost bin or wormery. It also helps them learn about worms and mini-beasts and gets children out into the fresh air. Not least children get the reward from making a lovely product that can be used to help plants and flowers grow! As today's event proves it can also be lots of fun too. Ten local schools and nurseries brought their compost with them whilst several others arrived by post, all in the hope of winning the fantastic "What Rot!' apple core trophies, plus gardening vouchers to help develop their schools grounds. Winners of the "Best What Rots and What Nots' display also won gardening vouchers. While the judges Kirsten Leask, Senior Officer at Eco Schools Scotland and Kathleen Kirkness, Changeworks Master Composter Project Co-ordinator carefully scratched and sniffed the compost samples, the children had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the live inhabitants of a compost bin with Angus Egan of Earth Calling. With feely boxes, smelly boxes and activities like making grass head worms from old tights - the fun just kept on growing.

Changeworks' Waste Education Service funded by City of Edinburgh Council has been working with over 17, 000 school pupils this year to help them to reduce reuse and recycle their waste. The success of this competition is a fantastic reflection of the commitment to reducing waste that staff and pupils have shown and shows that local schools and nurseries can all help the environment by reducing reusing and recycling.