The latest edition of our Guide to Insulating Hard-to-Treat Cavities (HTTCs) is now available to download. First published in 2013, this free guide has been updated to reflect recent developments in the field.

The guide is particularly useful for organisations involved with insulating hard-to-treat cavities, such as local authorities and housing associations. It provides practical information in a step-by-step approach including:

  • Identifying properties eligible for Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding
  • Finding technical solutions
  • Obtaining insulation guarantees
  • How to engage residents with installation projects Ensuring installations meet ECO requirements


Several sections have been updated since last year to take account of new insulation products, insulation guarantees and new ECO requirements.

If you’d like more information about the guide, contact Changeworks Consultancy team by calling 0131 555 4010 or send an e-mail.