Changeworks is a sponsor of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) upcoming energy conference.

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The event, taking place next Tuesday, 21 September, will explore practical solutions to improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions in the social housing sector. Taking place in the lead up to the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference (COP26), SFHA’s event provides an opportunity for the housing sector and energy and sustainability experts to come together to discuss key challenges.  

The conference is dedicated to exploring the challenges facing the social housing sector, and as a provider of choice for all things low carbon housing Changeworks knows those challenges all too well – and the tailored solutions that can get you to where you need to be. At the conference, Changeworks Senior Consultant Stephen Strachan will be presenting on what Changeworks does, how it helps housing associations meet their goals, and what your journey to decarbonisation might look like. 

Aidan Tracey, Changeworks Low Carbon Communities Team Manager, said: "We're excited for another opportunity to meet and engage with housing associations about how Changeworks can support them in meeting their goals. We know these are challenging times with ambitious targets on the horizon, but what SFHA members will hear from Stephen is that every provider can make great strides with the right support and the right tailored approach."

Whether you're at the conference or not, to discuss how Changeworks can support you to develop and deliver a low carbon strategy which supports your tenants, please get in touch.  

The conference is part of Changeworks and Warmworks' partnership with the SFHA announced earlier this year to provide SFHA members with increased expertise and support on improving energy efficiency and tackling fuel poverty.