Changeworks assisted in the reduction over 515,000 tonnes of CO2e* in 2012-13, working together with partners, business clients, funders and customers – that’s 14% more carbon emissions than the previous year.

Every year Changeworks evaluates its activity to ensure we’re on track and working as well together as we possibly can to reduce carbon and save energy.

Changeworks headline achievements for 2012-13 are available to read online.

Key themes are reducing carbon emissions, alleviating fuel poverty; increasing resource efficiency, enabling change, sharing best practice and leading by example.

Chief Executive Teresa Bray said: “Changeworks is adding value to Scotland’s low carbon economy. Our experienced team of staff and volunteers work closely with our partners, funders, business clients, community groups and householders to provide practical solutions that enable people and organisations to live and work more sustainably. We know a more sustainable Scotland is achievable through collaboration, productive partnerships and which are at the heart of our work.”

Let Changeworks help you turn your 2014 carbon and energy saving goals into success stories. Get in touch by e-mail or call 131 555 4010.



*Carbon Dioxide equivalent (CO2e) includes all climate changing gases. All savings whether CO2 or financial equate to the lifetime image of the action or measure.