This week the UK Parliament Climate Change Committee published its progress report on the Scottish Government's climate goals.

At Changeworks, we work on the frontline of Scotland's fight against the climate emergency. We work with local government, the Scottish Government and other actors to deliver meaningful schemes to decarbonise our nation – so for us the report doesn't provide any great shocks. Good progress, but more action needed. 

The most recent Programme for Government included important and welcome commitments, but now is the time for urgent, accelerated action. In particular the funding and direction of travel on decarbonising homes, and decarbonising heating specifically, need to be specified and delivered as quickly as possible. 

COP26 in Glasgow was a wonderful event for allowing us to come together to share ideas, and the public attention focused on the summit provides us with a prime opportunity to take action. But the window is slim and won't last forever. We have to harness this energy and push forward if we are to protect our fragile planet from the worst consequences of climate change. 

The summit showed us the importance of non-state actors in this fight too. Cities have a key role to play, and we've been supporting them to do just that. Changeworks is one of the biggest deliverers of Energy Efficient Scotland Area Based Schemes (EES:ABS) across Scotland, including in some of our biggest cities. Alongside our longstanding work with the city of Edinburgh, we're also now delivering the scheme in Aberdeen. Our Chief Executive Teresa Bray is a member of the Edinburgh Climate Change Commission, working with public, voluntary and private sector representatives to achieve Edinburgh's target of Net Zero by 2030.

The Glasgow Climate Pact, agreed at COP26, calls for governments to "accelerate the development, deployment and dissemination" of actions including "rapidly scaling up" energy efficiency measures. It's one of many worthy commitments, and we're ready to support the Scottish Government in meeting that challenge. 

As we bring 2021 to a close, the recovery from the pandemic will continue at pace. In 2022 we will continue to play a leading role, and will push those we work with to go further faster. We're ready to deliver whatever the low carbon challenge. So if you want to get started doing your bit send us an email, or phone us on 0131 555 4010, to get in touch with our experts or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to catch our news.