Changeworks adds Electric Vehicle (EV) to its small fleet

Always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint, an EV moves the organisation forward on its route to sustainability. By replacing one of its cars with an EV, Changeworks will save around £260 a year on costs and 2.22 tonnes a year of CO2.

Changeworks has joined the growing network of free public Charge Points throughout Scotland by installing an EV charging point. Paul Wilkinson, the organisation’s Sustainable Transport Advisor explains:

“By installing a dual outlet charge point, Changeworks is able to share access to this resource. This is the first publicly accessible three phase 22kw charger in Edinburgh city centre! This means most cars can be charged to 80% within one hour. And in keeping with our commitment to sustainability, our electricity is from a 100% renewable resource.”

Read more about our EV and EV charging point in our latest blog article.