Local volunteers working with us and Zero Waste Scotland are calling on those living in Edinburgh and the Lothians to make sure they are not throwing good food in the bin this Christmas. The average household could save as much as £430 a year by stamping out food waste and at least £18million of edible food is thrown in the bin in Scotland every year. By providing hands on advice and practical tips, Zero Waste Volunteers are now encouraging local residents to find out more about how to reduce food waste

Trella Javanainen, Zero Waste Scotland's Volunteer Coordinator for Edinburgh and the Lothians said: "There are a number of simple steps which everyone can take to stop food going to waste such as food planning storage and preparing only what you need. Begin by thinking about the meals you'd like to eat over Christmas planning the ingredients you will need and writing a shopping list. By planning meals you can build in ideas for making tasty meals from any leftovers you might have."

Remember to make the most of your freezer and pay attention to the use by dates on the things you buy. Many items such as hard cheese and mashed potatoes can be frozen and reused at a later date which saves on time and stops you throwing away food you've spent good money on. Thinking about how many guests you will have could also prevent you buying or cooking too much. A perfect portion planner is available from www.wasteawarelovefood.org.uk which advises on how much you need to make healthy-sized meals and snacks for both adults and children. Finally for all the vegetable peelings and fruit trimmings remember to use your compost bin to make a rich fertiliser you can use in the garden. Home composting is easy and you don't need a big garden so if you don't compost yet please get in touch and we can let you know where to buy a bin or how to make one.

Christmas Food Saver Tips To help you make the most of the food you buy over Christmas and turn your Christmas dinner into a waste-less treat:

  1. Write a list before you do that big Christmas shop to prevent over-buying;

  2. Use the perfect portion planner to plan how much you need to feed your guests;

  3. Freeze the carcass of your turkey to make a tasty stock for soup later;

  4. Don't bin the turkey leftovers they will be tasty on a sandwich on Boxing Day or make them into another delicious meal like turkey curry. You could even freeze leftover meat for later;

  5. Store those Christmas vegetables in the fridge to make sure they stay fresh long after Christmas day. If you don't get round to eating them in time cook them up and freeze them in individual portions to enjoy your own home-made ready meals in January;

  6. If you've got dessert leftovers whipped cream can be frozen or turn your Christmas pudding into a strudel. You can also use leftover fruit and dessert sauces to make brownies;

  7. Even leftover party food can be frozen and enjoyed in packed lunches when the festive season ends.


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