Changeworks awarded 13 pupils from schools and nurseries across South Edinburgh with free bikes in recognition of being Heroes at Home" at a prize giving recently.

"Be a Hero at Home" was part of Waste Free Edinburgh, a Changeworks project engaging directly with householders in South Edinburgh helping them to tackle and reduce their waste. Storytelling sessions workshops and assemblies were run by Changeworks' Waste Education service in 14 schools and nurseries encouraging pupils to Be a Hero at Home by involving families in activities to reduce waste put in bins at home. Excited winners were at the Bike Station eager to receive their reconditioned prize bikes.

Elizabeth Parker, winner Libby Watson's mum said: "I remember the day Libby rang from school I just heard "Bike...photograph...competition!". She was so excited she ran all the way home. We already do the recycling and donate to charity shops but seeing the Hero at Home leaflet made me realise there was much more to it. I hadn't known about composting so I sent away for the information and I've even changed the way we do packed lunches."

Christina Spiridonova was another delighted winner. Teodora Marinova commented: "I don't believe in winning things but Christina kept putting the leaflet in my hands so eventually after five times we filled it in and she won!"  

The 13 winners were from the following schools and nurseries: St Peter's RC Primary, The Spinny NS, Craigower Park PS, Gilmerton Primary Liberton NS, Princes Elizabeth Nursery, St Catherine's RC Primary, Greenbank Pre-school, St Leonard's NS, High School Yards Nursery, Hope Cottage NC, James Gillespies Primary, South Morningside Primary. View coverage of the event on the Guardian website.

As part of Waste Free Edinburgh over 12,000 South Edinburgh homes were visited 4,000 conversations with householders held and 2,000 people taking part in the challenge. Scotland produces around 19.5 million tonnes of waste each year - that's enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool with rubbish just about every ten minutes.

Winners of the Changeworks' Heroes at Home competition have been awarded their free bikes. Edinburgh school pupils (L-R) Ben McLauchlan (age 7), Christina Spiridonova (age 5), Libby Watson (age 9), Rhiannon Cochren (age 5), Robert Moir (age 6), and Callum Glass (age 6) were all at the Bike Station to collect their prize bikes. They are pictured with Emily Dodds of Changeworks. They all entered the Hero at Home competition as part of the Waste Free Edinburgh project which contacted around 12,000 households to reduce waste across South Edinburgh. As part of the Waste Free Edinburgh Project schools and nurseries in South Edinburgh were invited to take part in the challenge and enter the competition by being a Hero at Home and get their family involved in reducing household waste.