We're heading towards the over-indulgent festive season so Changeworks has suggested a few top tips to a greener Christmas. We all love Christmas lights whether our preference is for those delicate little white lights threaded daintily through the tree or a multi coloured light extravaganza featuring Santa and all his reindeer. Luckily a greener Christmas doesn't mean we have to lose any of the sparkle. Here's how to light up Christmas the greener way:

  • Switching from conventional to LED Christmas lights will reduce your energy consumption by a surprising 90%. As they don't generate as much heat you could also be making your tree safer. 
  • Turning one or more room lights off when the Christmas tree lights go on makes them look more attractive as well as saving energy. 
  • Turn your Christmas lights off when you go out, and when you go to bed. 
  • A fibre optic decoration can light a whole tree from a single bulb, and is just as effective as a whole string of Christmas tree lights. 


A Time For Giving  Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without presents and the best gifts are usually the thoughtful ones, so put a little thought into what you buy and how you buy it. Here are some top tips for gifts you'll be happy to give as well as receive:

  • If you plan to give an appliance, look for the Energy Saving Recommended logo so you don't give an energy guzzling gift. You can compare products online at energysavingtrust.org.uk/Compare-and-buy-products. 
  • If you're going to give a gadget, why not make it a green gadget? From shower timers, energy monitors and TV power-downs to solar powered MP3 players, there are green gadgets galore at a variety of prices.  Try some of these sites for inspiration (Please note: Changeworks is not responsible for the contents or reliability of the linked websites and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them.): www.nigelsecostore.comwww.thegreenstoreonline.co.ukwww.ethicalsuperstore.com, www.amnestyshop.org.uk
  • When possible choose products with minimal packaging. You could wrap your presents in recycled paper children's drawings and paintings or even glossy magazine paper.
  • Using ribbon or string to wrap presents makes it easier for the wrapping paper to be reused.
  • Old Christmas cards can be used as present labels.
  • Finally don't forget to take your own bags with you when you do your Christmas shopping.


Christmas is undoubtedly a time for fine dining or overeating, depending on your point of view. As at any other time of year the things to think about are:

  • Try sourcing local food that's in season.
  • Try to avoid throwing food away - freeze leftovers.
  • Avoid wasting energy by using the microwave and putting lids on pots. 
  • Afterwards make sure the dishwasher is full before switching it on.


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