Changeworks believes in a world where positive low-carbon living is a reality for everyone. That’s why we work with people and communities to empower them to take action and make impactful changes. 

Here’s just a few of the highlights from our 2019-20 annual report on our community project work and the difference we were able to make. 

Much of work involves working with people, with a focus on empowering action and behaviours to make low carbon life a positive reality for everyone. We measure and report on the positive changes we made good news for the people we support and for our partners and grant funders who help us change lives. 

We empowered people to stay warm

31% of people in Scotland struggle to afford their energy bills. Tackling fuel poverty has always been a core aim for Changeworks. Last year our Affordable Warmth Service worked with 3,700 people, many experiencing complex issues with their energy and living in vulnerable situations. Despite these challenges we are proud that we consistently delivered positive outcomes. 72% of service-users said they were warm in their home after our support and £559,00 financial savings were achieved for service-users. 

“I was getting lost with all the billing. The Advisor explained things so well… it has all helped me understand what I can do to save money.”

We empowered communities to reduce, reuse and recycle

Last year we engaged communities in diverse and innovative initiatives to help tackle our consumption of stuff that contributes to 74% of Scotland’s carbon footprint. Our initiatives had positive impacts, for instance: fly-tipped furniture was reduced by 41%, we increased recyclable material in recycle bins by 24%, and 84% of Love Food Hate Waste workshop attendees changed their food waste behaviours. 

“I thought I was doing well but [this workshop] made me realise I need to be more proactive. I have started boxing up leftovers, freezing more, making shopping lists and meal plans.”

We empowered young people to be active in low carbon living

We engaged with over 5,300 young people last year through our education service, working at different levels to achieve impact: with city-wide, community and whole school approaches. 89% of schools we worked with reported behaviour changes. One headteacher told us that after working with Changeworks: 

“Children came up with practical ways to save energy both in the school and at home.”


We’re proud of our achievements last year – they inspire us to do more. Changeworks continues to work hard to ensure our plans fit the rapidly changing environment caused by COVID-19 and the resulting economic disruption. Looking forward, we are adapting strategies and services to support a green recovery and to address new fuel poverty demands. 

Get in touch with Amanda Palmer, Senior Development Officer if you would like to know more about how we can help your community.