The City of Edinburgh Council, with the help of Changeworks, secured funding from the Scottish Government to cover the cost of insulating all suitable homes in the local authority area from 2012 to 2013. The scheme offered free loft insulation, including ‘top-up’ insulation, and cavity wall insulation to all properties in Edinburgh.

Changeworks’ Development and Delivery and Home Energy Scotland advice centre teams delivered the programme on behalf the City of Edinburgh Council, with over 6,000 installations in homes across the city.

A recent BBC report sets out the positive impact of working partnerships such this one for householders, confirming that over 58,000 Scottish homes benefitted from the energy efficiency scheme last year. This means 24.5 installations for every 1,000 homes in Scotland, more than the UK figure of 20.5. Over the period of 40 years this will save customers £29,023,000 pounds on their fuel bills and 752,575 tonnes of CO2 will have been saved.

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