With Scotland in the grips of an energy and cost of living crisis, Changeworks welcomes the expansion of important services from the Scottish Government.

The Home Energy Scotland (HES) service, which Changeworks delivers in the South-East, Highlands and Islands, will see its capacity boosted by up to 20 per cent to support 12,000 more households across Scotland.

Through the HES advice centres, outreach work and in-home visits, impartial expert advisors give free energy advice and support to householders on how to make their homes warmer and easier to heat.

The Scottish Government is also expanding the criteria for the Warmer Homes Scotland scheme, delivered by Changeworks, the Energy Saving Trust and Everwarm, and increasing the maximum grant levels for local authority-led Area-Based Schemes (EES:ABS). These schemes are focused on installing measures like insulation and low carbon technology that can make homes more energy efficient to meet our ambitious Net Zero targets.

From our blog – Energy Bill Crisis: Changeworks is here to help

Changeworks is one of the largest deliverers of EES:ABS, and this increase in the support available to each household will make a transformative difference to homes across the country. Between this and the expanded criteria for Warmer Homes Scotland, Changeworks will be able to continue to deliver our goal of decarbonising homes across Scotland.

Laura Webb, Changeworks Operations Director, said: “This investment from the Scottish Government could not come at a better time. With energy prices skyrocketing and the cost of living on the rise, householders need urgent help and support.

“Building on 14 years of running two Home Energy Scotland centres, we will use this new funding to reach even more households with the advice they need to make their homes warmer, easier and more cost-efficient to heat. It is only through tackling cold homes that Scotland can ever hope to achieve our ambition of low carbon living.”