With the news that gas and electricity bills are to rise by hundreds of pounds a year, Changeworks is deeply concerned of the impact of this rise on householders in Scotland.

While we wait to see what the Scottish Government will put in place to mitigate the rise, Changeworks wants to do all it can to reassure people in Scotland that help is available.

Changeworks, our partners, and other support services will do all we can to try and support people who find themselves struggling as a result of this price hike, but make no mistake – this massive increase risks creating a fuel poverty crisis.

Teresa Bray, Changeworks Chief Executive, said: “We are really worried about the impact that this price increase is going to have on people’s ability to heat their homes. As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic personal finances are fragile, and this move shows a reckless disregard for the huge burden this will place on people.

“We stand ready to offer our advice and support to individual householders, and indeed to the Scottish Government if necessary – but a crisis of this magnitude requires urgent government action, and passing the cost on to future bills as the Treasury proposes just won’t cut it.”

“We await the Scottish Government’s measures to mitigate this crisis. We would urge them in the strongest possible terms to target it at the fuel poor households across Scotland.”

Changeworks has a relentless focus on improving the energy efficiency of homes across Scotland, helping to keep people warmer and their homes easier to heat. This too is a key part of avoiding this becoming an entrenched crisis.

If you’re looking for help, Changeworks’ projects are here.

Our Affordable Warmth Services team can help with any issue related to your fuel bills, whether it’s a build up of debt, high estimated bills or making sure you’re on as good a tariff as you can be, give them a call on 0800 870 8800 or inquire online.

Home Energy Scotland offers completely free and impartial advice on all manner of energy topics, and could give you useful advice on how to reduce your usage and cut your bills that way. Changeworks delivers Home Energy Scotland in the South East and Highlands and Islands, but the service is available nationwide. Call 0800 808 2282 and speak to an advisor.

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