Over the past few weeks, Changeworks has been raising money for Lyme Disease UK to support our friend and colleague Ashley Taylor, who has spent most of the last 12 months battling the disease.

Through a series of fundraising events like a quiz, and a lunchtime gig, and the amazing efforts of our staff during a virtual sponsored walk, the total raised currently stands at £5,734. Given our initial target was £1,000, we're incredibly grateful to the 155 supporters who have made a donation.

The virtual walk saw us walking from Ashley's desk in Edinburgh to Wigan Pier in her hometown as many times as we could. We smashed that out of the park too, walking 2,470 miles – that's Edinburgh to Wigan and back more than six times over!

Ashley’s health has deteriorated since March 2020 due to chronic lyme disease, exacerbated by contracting COVID-19 and difficulty in diagnosing the condition.

Following the eventual diagnosis, Ashley and her partner Mike have sought help from charities like Lyme Disease UK, which has been instrumental in providing a support network to them. Lyme Disease UK also provided invaluable information on a treatment plan for Ashley. 

Charities like Lyme Disease UK have given Ashley light at the end of a very dark tunnel and some hope for the future. That’s why Changeworks raised money for Lyme Disease UK – to help fund their continued support to Ashley, and provide hope to other sufferers like her.

Thank you again to everyone who contributed, and to all our staff who took part in the walk or attended one of the events.