The Climate Emergency Response Group, a group that Changeworks is a member of, is today setting out their recommendations for the key actions the Scottish Government needs to take to ramp up its response to the climate emergency in its forthcoming Programme for Government.

The group, which includes civic and business leaders, has developed a 12-point plan of the key actions that the Scottish Government needs to implement now if we’re to avoid breaching 1.5C of warming. This would mean disaster for people and nature around the world. These actions can all be taken forward with urgency by Ministers, are in line with the scale of climate crisis we face and will help make Scotland a better place to live and work.

These actions include mobilising the £11bn of annual public procurement to support the product and service innovation the climate emergency response needs, a £100m Agricultural Modernisation Fund, a doubling of the fuel poverty/domestic energy efficiancy budget, and a declaration that all of Scotland's city centres will be vehicle emission free by 2030.

The Climate Emergency Response Group brings together leaders and influencers from across different sectors in Scotland, spanning private, public sector, third sector, delivery organisations and membership bodies. The group’s members welcome the First Minister’s commitment to net zero greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland by 2045, and want to support the action that requires.

Teresa Bray, Chief Executive, Changeworks said:

“Scotland has a proud record of leading the way. We did so in the industrial revolution, now it is time for us to do so in the face of a climate emergency. The International Panel on Climate Change has said that we have just 12 years left to get ourselves on a pathway to avoid breaching 1.5 degrees of warming, a disaster for people and nature. That’s only 2,000 working days – an extreme time scale to accelerate action. But, as the actions we are recommending show, it is achievable and can be a huge social and economic opportunity for Scotland.” 

The Scottish Government has said that the Programme for Government will set out important further detail on Scotland’s declaration of a climate emergency, and the Government’s response. 

The full report, setting out the details of how to implement each of the 12-point plan, is available online.