Shop local, buy local

Sourcing things, stuff and all sorts locally is becoming more of a hot topic these days.  There are different motivations for it too, from cutting the carbon associated from transporting goods to supporting your local economy. Then there are...

4 Jan 2012 Lynne Sneddon Waste, Carbon reduction

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Tips for a Sustainable Season

The festive season is a time for celebration for many people and, almost inevitably, a spot of overindulgence. As a result, we tend to use a lot more energy – and we don’t mean during those last-minute trips to the shops – and produce a lot more...

23 Dec 2011 Lynne Sneddon Waste, Carbon reduction

Real vs Fake: What ‘s the Green Tree Deal?

I’m fed up hearing about how dreadful it is to have a real Christmas tree. That I should buy a fake one because it will last a long time and produce less waste, I should buy one in a pot and keep it alive, or that I should abandon all vestiges of...

22 Dec 2011 Lynne Sneddon Waste, Energy and fuel poverty, Carbon reduction

To Intern or Not to Intern: My Internship Story

It has been all over the media recently. (The Guardian, one example.) Most of us will have probably heard by now that internships are pretty much a must in today’s difficult job market. Now, I’m no expert, but I can tell you from experience...

12 Dec 2011 Lynne Sneddon Waste, Energy and fuel poverty, Carbon reduction

Fuel poverty: avoid, solve or survive?

It’s all over the news. Fuel price rises despite wholesale fuel prices falling and increasingly large profits for energy suppliers.  The government is encouraging people to take action themselves, to switch suppliers and insulate their homes....

7 Nov 2011 Lynne Sneddon Energy and fuel poverty

What price magic?

I love fireworks. I don’t just enjoy them, I love them.I love the way they fill up the whole sky, hang in the air and make time slow down, like bubbles, or crazy stop-frame animation. I love the way they fill space in 3D, the way they blossom and...

31 Oct 2011 Lynne Sneddon Waste, Carbon reduction

Increase Your Miles Per Gallon by 22 Percent and Have a Smoother Ride

So. I swaggered over to my fuel efficient driving lesson confident in the knowledge that, as a red blooded male driver, I would be assured of improving a bit on my already excellent and impressive fuel efficient driving. They might be able...

11 Oct 2011 Lynne Sneddon Carbon reduction

Perfect Portions Save Food Waste and Money

The prize draw closed midnight, Monday 10 October 2011.Perfect portions mean fewer leftovers and less food waste. We have three Perfect Portion Kitchen Kits worth £47 to give away today. The lucky winners will get a shiny new kit consisting of...

10 Oct 2011 Lynne Sneddon Waste

A fully electric car: would you drive one?

Well, would you? Tell us whether or not you'd be up for driving an electric car. Leave your comments and questions.For more info, check out the Energy Saving Trusts's Living With an Electric Car videos with Robert Llewellyn .

4 Oct 2011 Lynne Sneddon Energy and fuel poverty, Carbon reduction

No.10 Bus - Spark of Greenius

A short poem for you...No. 10 new hybrid bus.Diesel charges battery and drives wheels via electric motors.Recharges battery on braking and downhill.No gears: quiet and very smooth.Free wifi - not tested it yet.Improved my carbon footprint by just...

22 Sep 2011 Lynne Sneddon Energy and fuel poverty, Carbon reduction