Are you in a commuting rut? Stuck in traffic in a car, zoning out while you wait for the queues to clear? For a change of scenery why not trial another form of transport and share your experience?

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is looking for a small group of volunteers from around Scotland to take part in its Travelling Tales project, starting September 2013.  This will involve using a low carbon form of transport for 6 weeks and sharing your stories and experiences of this on a new blogging website.

Here at Changeworks we love to encourage people to try more sustainable forms of transport. And as charity begins at home, we make it as easy as possible for our staff to practice what they preach. As well as a recent electric vehicle trial (lots of fun!) we have a classy green Brompton bike that staff can use for hyper-local work travel. Our Jill was one of the first to trial it, so the Changeworks blog investigated how practical the bike was for female employees in dressy work attire.

After lowering the easily adjustable saddle, she gamely hopped on Changeworks‘ (greener than) green Brompton, elegantly demonstrating the advantages of the low-slung, step-through frame with no loss of dignity.

There was a brief moment of hilarity as Jill pondered how to carry her Orla Kiely tote bag and decided to dangle it from the handlebars where she could keep an eye on it. By the way, not recommended for health and safety's sake but it's (relatively) empty, so not likely to throw her off balance. By far preferable to a sporty backpack that would wrinkle the blouse.

Jill's verdict?

“This beats waiting for a bus, and I know I’ll have a parking space!”


An endorsement and a shining example of cycle chic!

The trial of the Brompton was successful and the little green bike is popular with Changeworkers. It's handy for popping to meetings or even just to the shops to stock up on cake. It's an investment offering many benefits, including giving staff the opportunity to give cycling a try, without splashing out on their own bike.

So, do you fancy a change? Smile at the thought of taking the cycle path to work instead of the A90? Take a look at the Stop Climate Chaos 'Travelling Tales' page and use this as your excuse to take the route  less travelled!