Changeworks’ Affordable Warmth Service helps thousands of people every year with their heating and electricity bills.

As such we’re often asked what people can do to better manage their spending on electricity and heat – and the most common thing can do is take control of their supply. With the removal of the energy price cap later this year, there’s never been a better time to make sure you’re on the best deal.

If you haven’t switched provider recently, there’s a good chance that there are savings just waiting for you there. You also might want to switch to get a greener supplier, or because you aren’t happy with the service you’re getting.

If you think you are able to switch, we’ve got a handy guide for you to make sure you get the best deal available.

Here are three key tips to make sure you make the right move:

  • Know your usage – get this information from your current supplier so you can accurately predict your bills
  • Payment options – make sure you know what payment plans are available to you. Do you have a prepayment meter? Do you pay bills when they come in? Or can you pay by direct debit?
  • Compare your options – use comparison tools to make sure you’re looking at all of your potential new suppliers and getting the best deal.

We also have loads more easy tips to help you stay warm and manage your bills better, whether you can switch or not!

If you need further help managing your heating and electricity, or you want assistance in managing any debt you’ve built up with your supplier, get in touch with our Affordable Warmth Services team. Fill in our online referral form, or freephone 0800 870 8800 to speak to our experienced advice team.