Angela’s open lasagne – brought to you by Queen of Tarts, Edinburgh.

Easy, cheap and fit for a queen!

Basic ingredients

Sheets of dried lasagne

Boiling salted water
A little oil

Filling suggestions

  1. Baby pickled onions, garlic, leek, tomato, parsley and fresh green chilli topped with a decent dose of hard cheese* and a dash of double cream

  2. Roast squash, caramelized onion, dollops of ricotta and crispy sage frizzled in some extra virgin olive oil.

  3. Leftover veggies, Chilli or Bolognese with grated cheese and a splodge of natural yogurt

To prepare the lasagne just snap about four sheets in half per person and boil, adding a little bit of oil to keep them separate and not let them stick together. Lay a few cooked squares on the plate, add filling then more squares and more filling. Finish with one square and a top with a wee flourish of your fancy

-       Queenie

Click here for alternatives to non-vegetarian cheese like parmesan