Changeworks has partnered with the Social Enterprise Academy to provide green opportunities for young people, working to inspire them into environmental careers and see the exciting prospects of this growing industry. In this blog, Changeworks Deputy Chief Executive Liz Partington talks about the importance of this work for the future of our climate.

Over the past few years, an increasing number of young people have led the way in drawing attention to the climate emergency. All over the world as young people protested and marched, people took notice.

Young people are driving the policy and campaigning agenda on the climate, but how do we get them involved in delivering the greener economy low-carbon society that we all want to see? That’s what we aim to do with our Social Enterprise Academy (SEA) partnership – making a real investment in young people for the future of our planet.

Working with young people has always been something we’ve valued here at Changeworks. From engaging young people in our community based projects to our work in schools educating them about waste, recycling, the circular economy and the environment, we’ve always appreciated the importance of working with the next generation of change makers. We’re perfectly placed to give young people the insight and opportunities to make a difference.

Over the next year, we’re excited to work with SEA on a series of events and workshops, for young people and educators. These get underway this month with the Dragon’s Den, where our people will get to hear from and directly work with young people and their social enterprise ideas.

Then we will be running a series of workshops for young people and teachers, all focused on the amazing opportunities that are waiting for them in green jobs. The industries supporting the green transition and move to renewable and low-carbon technologies are growing – and most other industries will need support to adapt. These roles will be there for the taking for these young people, and they will have the inside track in influencing this new green economy.

It’s not all one way either – in another session, participants will have the chance to shape a live project to tackle the climate emergency, and have a real influence in how this work is delivered. That’s the bit that I’m most excited about getting involved in, work that will have a real impact.

We’re all really excited about getting started with this project. Young people are the future of our planet, and through SEA we have the best possible conduit to provide them with the tools they need to truly make an impactful difference.

Working with young people is just one part of our work to tackle the climate emergency. Whatever your low carbon challenge, whatever you need advice and support on, we’re ready and waiting to hear from you. Email us, or call 0131 555 4010.

If you, or young people you work with, could benefit from taking part in these kinds of events, contact the Social Enterprise Academy.