With temperatures dropping and nights drawing in, it’s now the time of year to get yourself ready for winter. To make sure you’re geared up for the colder weather, have a look at our top tips to help you beat the winter blues.  

We spoke to some of our energy and affordable warmth advisors from across Scotland to get the top tips on how to heating your home, getting around safely, and keeping yourself warm and cosy.

Heating your space

The ideal temperature for living areas is 21 degrees, and around 18 degrees for bedrooms. Set your heating controls to manage the temperature of your home to these levels – the best advice is to have it come on one hour before you get up and go off at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. You don’t need to have the thermostat up too high, and turning it down could even save you money! Turning it down by just one degree can save up to £80 a year.

“Last year the Affordable Warmth advisors helped over 2,600 households to save nearly £500,000 on their bills. Often, it’s the small changes, like turning off lights, washing at 30 degrees and turning down the thermostat that makes the biggest impact on the energy we use.”

Andy Price, Affordable Warmth Team Manager, Changeworks

Once you’ve got the house warm, it’s important to keep it that way, so make sure to draw your curtains or blinds at dusk to keep the heat in. If you find the heat is escaping or you’ve got a cold current coming in look at whether or not you can improve the draughtproofing of your windows and doors.

Keep yourself warm

If you’re finding your rooms not quite as warm as you’d like, maybe pop a jumper on before you jump up to the fiddle with the thermostat. Think of those savings!

If you’re in the house during the day, you will be able to take advantage of the daylight hours. Think about where you’re spending time in relation to where the sunlight hits your house, and go where that warmth is. That’s also a great spot to dry clothes, if you’ve got the space – we know putting them outside in winter is asking for trouble, but the tumble dryer is an expensive machine to run.

“Money savings you make from these simple tips all add up, and when they are coupled with insulation measures, will make your home warmer too.”

Jamie Noble, Energy Advisor, Home Energy Scotland

Planning your winter journeys

When the weather takes a turn for the worse it can make travelling from A to B a bit trickier. Traveline Scotland can help you to plan your journey on foot, cycle, by public transport or car. You’ll find helpful information on transport operators and downloadable timetables. By booking your travel early, especially for longer journeys, you’ll also get the best price.

Traveline Scotland and Traffic Scotland can also keep you updated on any disruptions to services or on the roads so you can plan in extra time to make your journey or change your route, which should reduce the stress of winter travel.

“I love helping people to keep cosy in their homes, so now the days are getting colder, give us a call for advice on how you can get your home ready for winter and keep cosy for less this winter.”

Laura Murray, Energy Advisor, Home Energy Scotland

We hope this has given you a flavour of how you can get ready for winter. If you need more advice, call Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 to speak to their friendly advisors.

Find out more about our support for warmer homes and lower bills, and our fuel poverty services.

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