After years of anticipation and build up, we are approaching the final days of COP26 in Glasgow.

There’s been a lot of talking and discussing of the issues, but what’s really going to enable the transformational change we need is partnerships. Working together is the only way we will really be able to achieve our goals. While COP has looked to make progress on international partnerships, Changeworks is leading the way on collaborative working here at home.

Partnerships are absolutely key to everything we do. We deliver low carbon and energy efficiency projects to homes all across Scotland, but we don’t do that on our own. We do that by working with housing associations, local authorities, community groups and installers.

We’re one of the biggest managing agents for area-based energy efficiency and decarbonisation schemes, working with a tailored approach for each community we work with. We drive these projects forward and make them happen, but we couldn’t do that without our partners.

That includes working with our joint venture Warmworks to deliver the Scottish Government’s Warmer Homes Scotland scheme. Between ourselves, the Energy Saving Trust and Everwarm, we’ve worked to create more than 20,000 warmer homes.

Aside from our delivery partnerships, we also work with other organisations to amplify our messages and push for solutions. Changeworks is represented on sector-wide policy groups like the Climate Emergency Response Group and the Existing Homes Alliance to put forward the solutions and push for the radical action needed to achieve the goal of keeping warming below 1.5C.

The whole point of COP26 was about building cooperation and partnerships, and we can’t save our fragile planet without them. The debate around whether or not what was agreed is enough or not, valid though it is, won’t mean anything if everyone involved doesn’t get on with the immediate challenge of delivering the transformation needed.

Luckily enough, we’re an expert in working together for climate action. So if you want to get started doing your bit send us an email, or phone us on 0131 555 4010, to get in touch with our experts or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to catch our news.