What is it?

Tips can be handy. Taking action is even better!

Our new Greener Lifestyles campaign is about inspiring us all to cut our carbon footprint – and seeing the real difference it makes to our lives.

From setting the time the heating comes on to carrying reusable containers for that favourite morning coffee on the go.

Doing stuff that takes seconds can make a massive impact – even cutting costs on big things like heating and food! Our top actions don’t take long but can change life for the better. Oh, and doing our bit can bring the feel good factor too. 

Why 30 actions?

It’s all in the name of cutting our carbon footprint, thinking differently about the things that can make a big difference. And celebrating our 30th birthday!

At Changeworks our Green Team inspires us all at work with their regular green tips and initiatives to live and work a lower carbon lifestyle. So as a special birthday celebration we decided to come up with 30 simple, hands-on ways to make all our lives that big greener.

Drew Murphy, Green Team Chair said, “The 30 actions campaign is about more than a lifestyle choice. It’s about things that are really accessible and even aspirational to do. They can be fun too. Often when we get advice about cutting our carbon footprint it’s about things we can’t do. Our 30 actions campaign is about sharing things you can!” 

How do the 30 actions work?

To launch the campaign our first action is about controlling your heating at home and not letting it control you. The second action is about improving the energy efficiency of your home and links to some of our popular resources to help you do this. Actions will be shared throughout 2017 and each one will be an easy way to make a real difference. Some may be faster than others.

Drew said, “The actions are going to look at the different areas of people’s lives like energy, food, waste and transport. When it comes to heating a few simple steps can save energy and money. Like setting the temperature using a thermostat or scheduling the heating and hot water to go on and off when you need it. We know that about 60% of the average home’s energy bills come from gas and electricity used for heating or more if you include water. So it can make a big difference.”

You could even generate your own energy! Watch out for more actions coming soon, follow us Twitter and Facebook


  1. Control your heating at home and work, don't let it control you!
  2. Improve the energy efficiency of your home
  3. Be a green consumer - consume less
  4. Carry a reusable coffee cup for takeaway coffee or tea
  5. Use your home appliances efficiently