Food Bank Vouchers

If you find yourself having to make the difficult choice between heating and eating, you may be able to get free food from a food bank. 

What is a food bank? 

Food banks are like supermarkets, except the food is given away for free to those who need it. 

Members of the public donate food which they have bought at the shops. You may have seen donation trolleys at supermarket checkouts. 

Food banks are usually run by charities, community groups or religious organisations. 

As well as food, other essentials such as toilet roll, sanitary products and nappies are available. 

How do I use a food bank? 

For some food banks you’ll need to be referred by an organisation that they work with. This organisation will give you a food bank voucher which you can then use at the food bank. 

Some food banks don’t require you to have a voucher to use their service. 

Because different food banks have different rules, it’s best to contact your local food bank and ask them how they work. 

How do I find my nearest food bank?  

An online search should bring up your nearest food bank. 

Alternatively, contact your local Citizens Advice branch. They will be able to tell you where your nearest food bank is and how it works. 

Can I use a food bank more than once? 

You would most likely need to be referred again. Some food banks do have limits, but it’s always worth contacting them if you’re still struggling.

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