Heat with rent and Heating charges

Woman in hallway adjusting thermostat

Your heating costs might be part of your rent. Alternatively, you might pay a separate heating charge to your Housing Association.

How does my Housing Association work out my heating costs?

Like most types of energy billing, your heating costs will be based on estimates. Your Housing Association might:

  • Base your heating charge on the size of your home.
  • Estimate how much everyone across the development is going to use, then divide that equally between tenants.
  • Look at how much energy was used in previous years to predict how much you will use.

If you use less energy than was predicted, your heating charge will likely be lower for the following year. That’s why it’s still important to save energy. Remember to use your programmer, room thermostat, and radiator valves to save energy on your heating.

Why do I pay for heating throughout the year?

Some Housing Associations spread the cost of heating throughout the year. Rather than getting big bills in the winter and small bills in the summer, you’ll pay the same amount each month. This can make payments more manageable. It can also help with budgeting for other outgoings.

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