Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Schemes (EES: ABS) Terms and Conditions

Last updated: September 2023

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before registering your interest to install energy efficiency measures under the Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Schemes. By completing our online form you agree to all terms and conditions set out.

1) Scottish Government Funding:

Funding is subject to availability and confirmation by technical survey. There is funding available depending on the type of property and the circumstances of those living there. Additional subsidised measures may only be offered in certain circumstances where Changeworks deem the property and the householder to be eligible.

2) Monitoring and Evaluation:

One of the conditions of receiving grant funding from the Scottish Government to undertake improvements to your home is that we assess the benefits of this support. As part of the evaluation, we are required to collect historical and future energy usage from all householders. We may also assess this by monitoring the temperature and humidity within your home before and after the energy efficiency measure is installed.

We will also request energy usage data from all householders. The data collected will be used solely for reporting and analysis.

Householders are also required to complete a social impact survey before, immediately after and up to approximately 12 months after the installation.

3) Eligibility for Funding

The Scottish Government provide funding for energy efficiency measures through both the EES ABS and Warmer Homes Scotland programmes. You may be eligible to receive funding from both schemes which means that more measures could be installed in your property. To check if you are eligible for funding, or for more information, please call Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 to speak to an advisor or to request a call back.

Eligibility for projects is based on criteria that allows us to help those in or most at risk of fuel poverty. This means you may be declined for funding based on council tax band, SIMD ranking, or a range of other indicators. If declined for funding you may still have the option to sign up on a self funding basis to the project.

If you live in a property that is council tax band D and have an EPC rating of E, F or G we may be able to include you This will be subject to further Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) checks.

All properties that benefit from EES: ABS funding must have a pre and post EPC lodged on the EPC register. Agreeing to the terms and conditions allows the surveys for these certificates to take place.

If your property is council tax band E, F, G or H, we regret that we are unable to offer funding.

If you have previously accessed funding through EES ABS or HEEPS ABS, we may be unable to provide further funding or the level of funding may be restricted.

On certain EES: ABS projects, such as those where Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) is installed, a ‘Decoration Allowance’ may be offered to households in certain circumstances. This will be discussed with you by the contractor; the allowance is to be used to decorate walls impacted by the insulation work only.

If you choose to accept a decoration allowance as part of the project you may be asked to provide evidence the allowance was used for its intended purpose. If it has not been used for decoration or evidence is not provided, funding can be withdrawn and any cost borne by the applicant.

4) Funding Limitations

Our funding is limited to energy efficiency measures. There may be occasions where we are unable to fund supplementary works as part of the project i.e. works to a non-domestic area or works deemed as “repairs” i.e. to fascias and soffits. In these instances, owners will be expected to cover these costs.

Should you change your mind about continuing with works after costs have been incurred, Changeworks and/or our appointed contractor reserve the right to invoice you for any costs incurred.

5) Online form

All householders and tenants will be asked to complete an online form to access this funding. Changeworks reserves the right to delay works or rescind offer of funding should the form not be completed in a timely manner. Changeworks’ decision is final.

It is important that this form is completed fully, in order to maximise the funding you may be entitled to.

This form is only available online, should you wish to complete this over the phone with a member of staff, please contact us on 0131 539 8603.

You may request a copy of your form submission for up to 12 months after submission, after this we will be unable to provide you with this information.

It is crucial the forms are completed accurately. Changeworks may, at any time request supplementary evidence to substantiate claims made within the form submission. Refusal to supply evidence may result in your funding offer being rescinded, even in the instance of works having commenced or completed. If it is found that a false declaration has been submitted all funding will be withdrawn and any costs borne by the applicant.

6) Private landlords

If you are a private landlord of a property in an EES: ABS project area, the following conditions apply:

  • You can only receive grant funding if you own two or less rental properties other than your main residence. Individuals with four or more properties are not eligible
  • Properties which are not occupied must be included in the above numbers.

Provided criteria is met, one full EES: ABS grant and further partial grants may be available to private landlords with no more than two properties to rent that are in Council Tax bands A – C.

If you own a second or third property (not for rental purposes), you will not be eligible for funding for these properties and will be responsible for full payment for the works to these properties. Payment on these properties could be through a loan (Please contact Home Energy Scotland for further information).

7) Home Energy Scotland

All householders who have not already done so will be contacted by Home Energy Scotland to receive free and impartial energy advice to make the most out of their new energy efficiency measure(s). This will take place after installation.

8) Contact Information

Changeworks will prioritise contact via email by default to reduce paper usage. Please let us know if this is not suitable.

Changeworks reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time, including retrospectively.

9) Contact your home insurance provider  

Property owners should contact their home insurers to advise of any planned installation of measures on their home; to ensure that they do not invalidate their household policy cover. It is also advised to contact them upon completion of the work so they are correctly informed.