Changeworks has been working in partnership with Warmworks to lead a programme of activity to find suitable applicants in South East Scotland for the Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project.

Cutting reliance on fossil fuels

The project, funded by the UK Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) aimed to make homes warmer and more energy efficient over the longer term, as well as reducing householders’ reliance on fossil fuels and traditional sources of heat. It is also intended to provide the UK Government with a greater understanding of the motivators behind householders installing heat pumps, the barriers they face in doing so and how a large-scale rollout of heat pumps might work in the future.

Changeworks managing the journey

Changeworks identified areas where suitable properties were most prevalent, using available housing stock data and delivered a targeted marketing campaign using detailed data sets for social media geotargeting and to inform email and PR campaigns. A sophisticated and dynamic customer management system was used to track applications, monitor participants against set project criteria and create custom reports. All applicants were pre-screened for suitability using a structured customer journey allowing for suitable applicants to be referred to Warmworks on a weekly basis. Warmworks then worked closely with a range of partners to deliver the project and oversee the delivery of the end-to-end process, ensuring that customers experience a first-class, streamlined service.

Donna Marshall, Head of Low Carbon Communities, Changeworks said: “Eighty-one per cent of Scottish households, around two million, use mains gas for heating and therefore replacing fossil fuel gas boilers with heat pumps could make a very substantial contribution in achieving the 2050 Net Zero emissions targets. This project will capture learning to help improve awareness across the renewable heating supply chain, raise acceptance and support wider deployment of heat pumps. We’ve been proud to work in partnership with Warmworks to deliver this project in South East Scotland.”

Thousands of applicants

The project is currently at capacity and we are not recruiting new participants at this time. Warmworks continue to install heat pumps in the homes of current participants. Find out more

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