After downsizing from a modern home Kathleen from Peebles was finding her 160-year-old garden flat unbearably cold. She was spending a small fortune on heating, and still had to cover herself with throws to keep warm. These conditions were making her feel miserable in her own home.

Because of the age and style of her property Kathleen’s only insulation option was internal wall insulation. She signed up to the Peebles Internal Wall Insulation Scheme which gave her the insulation for free.

The project is funded by Scottish Borders Council and delivered in partnership with Changeworks and Home Energy Scotland, giving local homeowners the opportunity to reduce their heating bills with free internal wall insulation.

Kathleen was away when the work was carried out but the contractor, Everwarm, explained everything beforehand and kept her up to date by email throughout. They fitted insulation panels to the inside of the external walls in her flat, plastered over them and repainted the walls. It’s standard to have the walls painted white but, because Kathleen still had the paint for her feature walls, the contractor agreed to paint those walls in the original colour.

Kathleen expected the rooms to look smaller, but she hasn’t noticed any difference in that respect. What she has noticed is a big difference in the warmth and comfort of her home, as well as in the cost of heating it.

“My flat now heats up quickly, and it keeps the heat in when I switch the heating off. I pay less money and have more warmth: it’s great. I no longer have to wrap myself in throws to keep warm, which has made such a difference to how I feel about and within myself. I would recommend anyone to have the insulation installed: there is no downside.”