Kelly* has Multiple Sclerosis, lives with her two children and receives Income Support and Disability Living Allowance.

She was referred to us for help because of a dispute with her energy supplier, arising from her health condition.

Kelly had asked her energy supplier to change her payment method as she was finding it increasingly difficult, physically, to top up her prepayment meters. Despite her disability, the company had demanded £340 to remove the meters and she couldn’t afford it.

Our advisor had an in-depth chat with Kelly then contacted her energy supplier and advocated on her behalf. We explained the situation, arranged for the £340 fee to be waived and organised a payment method suitable to Kelly’s situation.  

We also provided Kelly with information on the best tariff for her gas and electricity and the Warm Home Discount rebate, so her energy costs will be reduced in the long term.

Kelly was delighted.

*Kelly’s story has been anonymised