Sheila Charters, a Borders resident, wanted to save money on her heating bills. She usually had her heating system on for around 10 hours per day and couldn’t keep the heat in when it was turned off, making her heating bills more expensive.

Delivering for partners on a national scheme

Changeworks works in partnership with the Scottish Borders Council on behalf of the Scottish Government to deliver the Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Scheme. The programme supports householders across Scotland making their homes more energy-efficient and cheaper to heat. Mrs Charters’ property was included in the external wall insulation project taking place in Galashiels. She received a letter from Changeworks and registered her interest in installing the insulation at a heavily reduced price. Her property was suitable for the insulation and the contractor arranged to commence the work.

Transformational work

The work at Mrs Charters home took less than a month and besides being more energy-efficient, her house also looks clean and bright with the new render applied. She now only needs a small boost of heat for an hour or less and her house is kept warmer for much longer.

Sheila said: "Thanks for helping us undertake this huge undertaking and also for improving the efficiency of our home, which not only helps us but also the planet."

Find out more

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