We worked with the small community of Granton Medway, in north-west Edinburgh, to tackle litter and fly-tipping issues and low recycling rates. 

Our approach

Between January and March 2017 we engaged with the community by:

  • Running a focus group to identify the community’s key issues and priorities
  • Going door-to-door to speak to residents
  • Delivering assemblies and class workshops in the local primary school
  • Organising a clean-up day and celebratory event
  • Posting achievements on local feedback posters


At the end of the three months, the community’s 156 residents had tackled the issues they were facing and as a result:

  • Participation in food waste recycling increased by 146%
  • Recycling participation increased by 52%
  • 36% said they were now more likely to get bulky items reused or recycled
  • 80% think the street looked cleaner
  • 24 local champions have agreed to continue providing recycling support to residents.

By working together, the community and key stakeholders gained knowledge and skills to achieve noticeably cleaner streets and significant increases in recycling rates.

“Changeworks is unique as it involves ordinary people working alongside communities to show everyone can do their bit to look after their environment and is doing it together.”

Alison Brown, Environmental Warden, The City of Edinburgh Council

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