Volunteer profile: Chaoran Gu

What influenced you to want to volunteer at Changeworks?

I was motivated by a strong desire to contribute to energy-saving efforts and help my community reduce energy usage and costs.

What roles have you undertaken as a volunteer at Changeworks and how have you found the experience?

I’ve translated documents, organised events, given presentations and collected data on energy saving. The experience taught me a lot about sustainability and UK welfare policies while contributing to my community. I also enhanced and developed my professional skills through this work.

What is it you find rewarding about volunteering at Changeworks?

It is particularly rewarding to see the tangible benefits people receive from government programmes and the positive environmental impact of our efforts. The teamwork and mutual support among our members has been incredible, and our collaboration has significantly increased our influence and success.

What has been your most memorable moment volunteering at Changeworks?

My most memorable moment was witnessing the gratitude of non-English speaking community members who had been struggling with their energy bills. Our project helped them understand and benefit from energy-saving initiatives, and Changeworks helped to ease their financial burden.

What advice would you give to somebody thinking about volunteering at Changeworks?

Changeworks offers professional training and support for volunteers. You will have the opportunity to help people, gain valuable knowledge, and develop your skills in a supportive environment, all while growing your experience through meaningful work.

Interested in becoming a Changeworks volunteer?

Contact us directly to find out more about volunteering opportunities at Changeworks and how you can apply.