Strategic plan

Changeworks’ mission is to develop and deliver high impact solutions to make low carbon life a positive reality for everyone.

We’re ambitious. To be successful and keep us on track, we’re driven by 12 strategic goals. So whatever your low carbon challenge, we can help – call 0131 555 4010 or email us.

Our goals

  1. Energy Efficiency of Buildings: Successfully deliver at scale a wide range of better insulated and healthy building

  2. Renewable and low carbon solutions: Maximise effective deployment of low carbon and renewable technologies ensuring the needs of people are met.

  3. Integrated Area Based Approach: Lead on the development and delivery of an integrated area-based approach to low carbon living and working.

  4. Fuel poverty and consumer protection: Strive to ensure everyone, irrespective of income, enjoys the benefits of well regulated, affordable, low carbon heat and power.

  5. Circular economy: Increase our role in achieving a zero-waste society.

  6. Engagement and behaviours: Bring about significant behaviour change that supports low carbon living.

  7. Staff and volunteers: Be an exceptional place to work where our staff and volunteers are empowered to deliver solutions for a low carbon life.

  8. Finance: Ensure we have sufficient funds to achieve our ambitions.

  9. Being an exemplar: Being an outstanding quality driven organisation operating as a role model in our field.

  10. Research, Development and Innovation: Drive improvements in projects and services, building on evidence and inspiring innovation.

  11. Technology and resources: Proactively adopt technology to improve the delivery of our services.

  12. Communication and Brand Awareness: Significantly increase our visibility, personality and profile.

To discuss what you need and how we can help, call us on 0131 555 4010.

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