Strategic plan

Changeworks vision is for a world where everyone is able to live, work and enjoy life with a low carbon impact. We work towards this by developing and delivering high impact solutions to make low carbon life a positive reality for everyone. 

Read our strategic plan for low carbon living.

Our plan is ambitious, and with the skills and experience of our team, and great partnerships, we can make it a reality. Get in touch to be part of it. Call 0131 555 4010 or email us.

Our goals 

Changeworks has identified four ambitious goals to drive significant change and achieve our mission of a low-carbon life for all: 

Goal 1: Accelerate the improvement of energy efficiency of buildings

Successfully deliver at scale a wide range of better insulated and healthy buildings.

Goal 2: Effectively deploy renewable and low carbon solutions 

Maximise effective deployment of low carbon and renewable technologies ensuring people’s needs are met.

Goal 3: Deliver an integrated community approach to low carbon living

Develop and deliver an integrated community approach to low carbon living and working. This will include energy efficiency, waste prevention and low-carbon behaviour change. 

Goal 4: Reduce fuel poverty 

Deliver a comprehensive fuel poverty service that tackles systemic issues, such as higher tariffs for prepayment meter users and difficulty in moving energy supplier with fuel debt. 

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