Community Engagement

With our strategic focus on decarbonising Scotland’s homes, we are moving away from engagement around household waste (recycling and reuse) and are focusing our expertise on engaging communities to adopt low carbon energy behaviours.

A woman alters the temperature on a thermostat in her home.

Engaging communities is key to mobilising householders to lower carbon emissions from their homes, and targeting under-reached groups is key to ensure a just transition to net zero that leaves no one behind.

We are therefore scaling our inclusive, people-centred approach to engage communities, providing outreach advice and support to deliver positive outcomes.

We have been building on our knowledge base of innovative approaches to engaging householders on low carbon living, trialling and monitoring a range of tools, techniques and resources.

Low Carbon Communities

In 2022-23, while transitioning from waste to low carbon living, the Low Carbon Communities team:

  • Engaged with 424 householders to provide light-touch energy efficiency advice and support through events
  • Engaged with 2,778 householders through community engagement activities

Our volunteers are invaluable in helping us to work with local communities, and we have been Investors in Volunteers accredited since 2009.

In 2022-23, our volunteers:

  • Made up around 15% of our total named workforce
  • Contributed 455 hours to deliver our mission
  • Were awarded Volunteer Edinburgh Inspiring Volunteer Award two years in a row

Click here to download a PDF version of our Community Engagement report for 2022/23.

Two women sitting on a sofa, looking at an energy bill


Reaching those in fuel poverty

We ran a pilot project, funded by Ecotricity, working with community anchors to reach people in, or at risk of, fuel poverty.

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