Real nappies – give them a try today!

Modern real nappies are very practical, easy to use and wash, and offer parents an alternative to disposable nappies that’s kinder on the environment.

We offer a guide to using real nappies to help you get started and a starter kit, so you can test before you invest.

Why choose real nappies?

  • Modern cloth nappies are easy to use and will keep your baby comfortable and dry without bringing them into contact with dyes, perfumes or absorbency chemicals. Elasticated legs and waist avoid leaks
  • You could also save £500 by using cloth nappies until your child is potty trained – and avoid sending 4,000 disposable nappies to landfill.

“The starter kit really helped me figure out what type of nappy to get - I found that choosing was the hardest thing about using real nappies. It is an excellent service.  Even occasional use of real nappies saves waste and money.”

Katherine, Edinburgh


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