How to compost at home

Composting is a great way to turn certain kinds of food and garden waste into free fertiliser. It can help to prevent soil erosion, improve crop yields and recycle nutrients back into your soil.

Fruit and vegetable peelings, grass clippings, twig and hedge trimmings, leaves, tea bags, coffee grains, pet and human hair, feathers, vegetarian pet bedding (eg rabbit, guinea pig), crushed egg shells, soft cardboard (eg egg cartons, toilet rolls), shredded paper and cut flowers are all suitable for composting. Compost bins are available from garden centres and online.

What about meat, dairy and cooked foods?

Meat, dairy and cooked foods are not suitable for home composting. Put these in your council food waste caddy, or use a bokashi system or food waste digester instead. Vegetable peelings, tea leaves, coffee grounds, stale bread and some food leftovers work well in a wormery. See factsheet below.



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