Interactive waste workshops

Our fantastic workshops, delivered by professional Waste Education Officers, can help improve your eco activities and reduce the amount of waste in your school.

The feedback we receive from primary and secondary schools tells us that our workshops, assemblies are not just fun, age-appropriate and linked into the Curriculum for Excellence, they have measurable impact.

Topics include:

  • Food waste: Mr Silly Sausage helps children to understand why it's important to Finish Your Food
  • Reducing, reusing, recycling: take your pupils on a waste prevention journey with our interactive 3Rs assembly
  • Litter: what would a Litter Audit reveal about your school? What can you do to ‘Lose that Litter’?

See our latest workshops and activities for 
secondary and primary schools and the accompanying supplementary information for secondary and primary schools. 

Find out in detail how our workshops and activities link to the secondary and primary school Curriculum for Excellence and Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

“The children really enjoyed Changeworks’ visit – you put a different slant on a familiar problem and made it easy for the children to participate. They were talking about this session for weeks! Parental feedback was very positive, the children discussed what they had found out at home making parents more aware too!” 

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