Supporting European funded projects

We work with organisations in other European countries on projects which improve the energy efficiency of householders and domestic buildings, providing energy advice, supporting behaviour change, addressing fuel poverty and encouraging the uptake of renewables to reduce CO2 emissions.

With funding from the Intelligent Energy Europe programme, we led the Low Energy Apartment Futures (LEAF) project which looked to make flats and tenements in Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Sweden and the UK more energy efficient. We were a partner in Energy Check for Low Income Households (EC-LINC), which trialled an energy advice service for low income households in five European Union (EU) nations.

Our experience includes: 

  • Managing projects and co-ordinating partners
  • Disseminating and communicating findings by developing bespoke websites, running events and producing information resources and reports
  • Carrying out practical pilot projects and producing case studies
  • Conducting research
  • Developing technical resources
  • Developing communications tools for householders.

We are always keen to hear from potential partners.

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