Delivering carbon reduction programmes

We work with local authorities, housing associations, community groups and businesses to reduce carbon emissions.

We manage and administer the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network, a grassroots network of about 100 community groups across Scotland that are taking action on climate change.

We work with the Scottish Parliament’s Real Action on Carbon Emissions (RACE) team to help them meet their carbon reduction targets. Our behaviour change specialist advises on employee engagement, behaviour change and monitoring and tracking staff opinion, while Changeworks Recycling helps them to meet the obligations of the latest Waste (Scotland) Regulations.

We are training the Edinburgh schools’ Facilities Management team to realise changes in the work patterns and practice of catering employees, to increase energy efficiency and improve carbon reduction.

We help organisations by:

  • Preparing and writing funding applications
  • Carrying out research, design and development 
  • Delivering pilots and programmes
  • Mentoring, training and coaching staff to embed behaviour change.

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