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Move on Wood Recycling

  • Waste wood collection service available to trade and domestic customers. They collect from small businesses, residential properties, right up to large construction sites on behalf of multinational building companies.
  • The charity sells a range of wood materials; scaffold boards, spruce timber, floorboards and sheet materials. They also sell large bags of firewood and kindling.
  • Their carpentry team uses our reclaimed wood to create upcycled furniture. They also take commissions. 


W: HOME - Move On Wood Recycling, Edinburgh, Scotland 
T: 0131 551 6937
E: wood@moveon.org.uk

Timber can be reused in many different ways e.g. wooden pallets can be reused to create benches, greenhouse staging and compost boxes.


Most Community Recycling Centres will accept unwanted solid timber/wood. Some will also accept laminated wood, chipboard, formica, plywood and MDF. See COMMUNITY RECYCLING CENTRES.

When buying wood and timber products look out for items made from reclaimed/recycled timber (e.g.See DIY MATERIALS). If buying new items check for the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) symbol which guarantees it is produced from sustainably managed forests.

Never burn chipboard or similar material on an open fire as the glue used in the manufacture can give off toxic fumes.

Wood ash improves soil quality when sprinkled around the garden or added to your compost bin as it contains valuable minerals.

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