Waste Minimisation/Prevention

Too Good To Waste

What would you like to reduce, reuse, repair or recycle?

Waste Minimisation/Prevention

The amount of waste we are producing is still increasing each year. Waste that is not created in the first place does not need to be reused, recycled or disposed of, so preventing waste is the most efficient solution.

Some of the Star Actions indicated throughout this guide are the actions that will have the biggest impact on reducing the amount of waste you produce. Many of these actions will also save you money (e.g. home composting), some will save you time (e.g. using leftovers to make meals the following day), and some will have community benefits (e.g. by using local charity shops).

For further information see the Changeworks website under 'Waste Prevention & Recycling' or the Scottish Environment Protection Agency's Waste Prevention Action Plan (Scotland):

W: www.changeworks.org.uk
W: www.sepa.org.uk/waste.aspx

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