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Over 30 million tyres are removed from vehicles in the UK each year.

Buy retreaded tyres rather than new ones and change your tyres before they are worn - badly worn tyres cannot be retreaded.

Scrap tyres can be used for boat fenders, children's play equipment or stacked as compost containers.

Try using tyres as planters. They are particularly good for growing potatoes - increase your yield by stacking three or four tyres as the potato plant grows.

The Community Recycling Centres in Edinburgh and Midlothian accept tyres from householders. See Community Recycling Centres Edinburgh and See Community Recycling Centres Midlothian.

Entyre Recycling collect and recycle tyres from all over East and Central Scotland. They accept a wide range of tyres including car, HGV, van and agricultural tyres.

W: http://www.entyrerecyclingfife.co.uk
T: 01592 882 584
E: info@entyrerecyclingfife.co.uk

Most tyre dealers send on tyres for recycling and ask for a donation towards this service. For local contacts check the Yellow Pages or see:W: www.yell.com.

Remarkable stocks a wide range of stationery items made from recycled materials. They also sell mouse mats, pencil cases and note pads made from recycled tyres. Sainsbury's, Waterstones, Paper Tiger and Jenners stock Remarkable products. (See Buy Recycled).

Never burn tyres. This is illegal and causes toxic pollution.

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