Sewing Machine

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Sewing Machine

Repair when possible. For local contacts check the Yellow Pages or see W:

Whale Arts Centre would welcome any used sewing machines for their art reuse projects, as well as any looms, fabric, wool, thread and sewing tools. Please contact directly in the first instance (no drop offs).

T: 0131 458 3267
30 Westburn Grove, Edinburgh EH14 2SA

Some charity shops will accept donations of sewing machines in good condition. Please check first. See Charity Shops, the  Reuse Map on the Changeworks website. 

Tools for Self Reliance accept hand operated (not treadle or electric) Singer machines:


Tools for Self Reliance
Garvald Factory
454/1 Gorgie Road
EH11 2RN
T: 0131 337 4965

Broken electric machines can be recycled at Community Recycling Centres. See COMMUNITY RECYCLING CENTRES.

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