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Recycled products

The process of recycling is not complete until the materials have been manufactured into new products, and then purchased. This is called 'closing the loop'. We can all help 'close the loop' and create a demand for recyclable materials by choosing to buy recycled goods such as toilet paper, bin liners, stationery and other household items.

Remarkable is just one supplier of recycled stationery including pencils made from recycled plastic cups, mouse mats, pencil cases and coasters made from recycled car tyres, rulers made from computer printer parts and notepads made from recycled paper. Many retailers including Paper Tiger and Jenners stock Remarkable stationary.

T: 01905 769 999

There are many different items made from recycled materials for sale on the Etsy website: W: You can also select 'shop local' for your local contacts.

Used2bee make new products from reclaimed materials, including glass, metals, sheet timber, MDF and other waste wood. Products include mirrors, furniture and glassware.

T: 01803 607 009

See Eco Resources Website for further contacts for buying recycled products.

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