Too Good To Waste

What would you like to reduce, reuse, repair or recycle?


Including magazines and newspapers

Every year, the average family in the UK throws away six trees worth of paper.

Use both sides of paper when writing and printing and use old envelopes as scrap paper for notes etc.

Ask at your local doctors/dentists surgery if they take magazines for use in their waiting rooms.

Bits and Bobs and Borders Scrap Stores accepts donations of clean unprinted paper. See Donations Of Materials For Arts And Crafts.

Waste Innovations (Kicheran) accepts unwanted office paper, runs hand-made paper workshops and sells a range of cards made from recycled paper:

T: 0131 661 6615

Take to Paper Recycling Points (W: or place into kerbside bags/bins/boxes where available. (See KERBSIDE RECYCLING).

The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home accepts newspapers. They are shredded and used for animal bedding (shredded paper is also accepted).

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home
26 Seafield Road East
EH15 1EH
T: 0131 669 5331

If you have a fire, buy a log maker to turn waste newspapers into brickettes. See Mail Order Catalogues.

Buy recycled stationery. Available from some shops and charity catalogues. See Buy Recycled.

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