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You can reduce packaging waste by buying items loose such as fruit and vegetables and choosing items that are not over packaged. See PLASTIC and See GLASS for details of shops that offer a refill service and tips on how to reduce packaging.

For details on how to recycle packaging materials: See GLASS , See CARD/CARDBOARD and See PLASTIC.

City of Edinburgh Council has recently launched a new kerbside recycling service which accepts more types of packaging than previously. In the Green bin you can recycle tins, cans, paper, cardboard, envelopes, shredded paper, plastic bottles and bottle tops, pots, tubs and trays- put the items in loose, do not use plastic or black bags. Some examples of pots, tubs and trays include yoghurt pots, tubs containing cleaning products, meat trays, margarine tubs, ready-meal containers, punnet style containers that hold fruit / vegetables such as mushrooms or grapes and pots containing facial or body creams.

The following materials can be taken to the Packaging Recycling Points in Edinburgh: food and drink tins and cans; envelopes; clean aluminium foil; empty aerosol cans; plastic bottles; cardboard and cardboard food and drink cartons (e.g. Tetra Paks). 
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Buying concentrated products and buying in bulk saves you money and reduces packaging. Split items between friends or family members if you have too much to use at once or don't have the storage space.

Use margarine tubs etc. for storing left-over food, instead of using foil or clingfilm.

Ask at your local playgroup, nursery or primary school to see if they could make use of plastic tubs, cardboard etc.

In the rest of the Lothians certain packaging items are accepted in kerbside collections. See KERBSIDE RECYCLING.

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