Mobile phones/Music players/Sat navs

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Mobile phones/Music players/Sat navs

An estimated ninety million unused phones are lying in drawers and cupboards across the UK and only about 20% of mobiles are recycled. Mobiles can be reused and if broken can be recycled to raise money for charities.

Second-hand, reconditioned or remanufactured mobile phones are available through various second-hand electronic goods shops and online. Buying a second-hand mobile phone is likely to save you money and will also help prevent mobile phones that are in good condition from being disposed of in landfill. For local contacts check the Yellow Pages or see W:

Repair when possible. For local contacts check the Yellow Pages or see W:

Many phone stores offer a 'Take-Back' scheme and some charity shops have collection boxes for mobiles and their accessories.

Many supermarkets have pre-paid envelopes in which to send mobiles for recycling.

Contacts for selling your old mobile:

Greener Solutions: W:

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