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Glass makes up approximately 9% of all household waste. As well as conserving raw materials, making new glass from waste glass uses 20% less energy and produces 20% less air pollution than in its original production.

Buy refill packs and returnable bottles whenever possible. It can be worth asking about this at your local shop,as the more people that ask, the more shops may take the idea of using returnable bottles on board.

Neal's Yard Remedies takes back its own blue glass bottles for reuse in workshops:

102 Hanover Street
T: 0131 226 3223

The Demijohn shop refills its own bottles of liquers, spirits and oils:

32 Victoria Street
T: 0131 225 3265

Milk bottles

Wiseman Dairies provide a milk delivery service in reusable glass bottles. Contact the Edinburgh dairy:

T: 0131 440 4828

Pete's Farm Shop also deliver non-homogenised milk in returnable bottles in certain parts of the city:

T: 0131 337 6551

For East Lothian contact: Yester Dairies:

T: 01620 810 998

Glass collected from Recycling Points and kerbside collections is recycled back into bottles and jars or can be used in the construction industry e.g. for road building. See KERBSIDE RECYCLING and W:

There are usually separate banks for brown, green and clear glass. If you have blue or red glass this can be taken to the green Glass Recycling Point. Remove all metal lids, plastic tops and corks before recycling. Some bottles are covered in coloured plastic, which should also be removed. Please do not put light bulbs, Pyrex dishes, flat window glass and drinking glasses into Glass Points. These require a much higher temperature for recycling than that needed for bottle glass. Real corks can be home composted (see Corks) and metal lids from jars are accepted in the scrap metal containers See COMMUNITY RECYCLING CENTRES.

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